STIGA NHL Stanley Cup 3T Table Hockey Game

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The #1 rated table hockey game in the world.  Over 5 million rod hockey games sold since 1948! The STIGA Rod Hockey Game is great fun for the entire family!  Any Hockey fan will love this table top rod hockey game that features 3D players and a scale replica rink.  It fits on most any table and is a great gift idea!  Perfect for your game room!  Enjoy the Game without leaving the comfort of your own home with the STIGA NHL Rod Hockey Game!


  • Goal counters with in-mould numbers for easy score keeping.
  • ice sheet is 25% thicker than previous versions of the game.
  • new shape for the goals, with better attachments.
  • new design for net deflectors decreasing the risk of fly-out pucks.
  • 3-D players with real hockey team uniforms & logos.
  • 20+ NHL Hockey Teams available.
  • Interchangeable easy “snap-on” toy hockey players.
  • All parts are fully replaceable, your game will last a lifetime.
  • Hockey players driven by helical nylon gears & steel rods for superior control.
  • Center player able to go back into the defensive zone.
  • 4 sturdy legs that raise the rink up and provide easier rod access and use.
  • Goalies move from side to side and can stick-handle puck.
  • REAL Plexiglas behind the goals.
  • Puck ejectors in each goal.
  • All left-handed players.
  • No “dead spots” on the ice, so the action will be nonstop!
  • A sturdy injection-molded rink that will take a hard knock when necessary.
  • Rink boards featuring the logos of all 32 NHL teams
  • Easy to install, you’ll be playing in minutes!
  • Renowned expert Swedish craftsmanship.
  • STIGA hockey games are quality products that have been steadily refined and developed since they were first introduced in 1948.


  • Overall Dimensions: 37″ long, 19 3/4″ wide and 3 1/4″ high
  • Ice Surface or Actual Playing Area: 33 1/4″ long and 18″ wide
  • Team Players: 2 1/4″ tall. 
  • Plexiglas (at each end): 2 3/4″ tall and 24 1/2″ long
  • Puck: 1″ in diameter
Use the new STIGA Hockey Timer app when playing your STIGA Hockey game and take your game to the next level. The timer gives you a solid 30 second countdown before the game begins and then keeps running for a standard 5 minute game. Once approaching the last 30 seconds of the game the music intensifies until the final horn ends the game. Still even? Activate Sudden Death until someone has claimed the win...

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