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Shelti Slapshot Bubble Hockey Game

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Slapshot - Model # DM-Y-AB-1

If it sounds like hockey, looks like hockey
and feels like hockey, it's gotta be a Shelti.

Bring the sites and sounds of an amusement favorite right into your home. The dome hockey game is fast and the scoring is spectacular. The Slapshot features a unique gear box with a 2:1 turn ratio for quick player response and lively play. Turning players 360° requires only a flick of the wrist. And so the team doesn't get too worn out, we've designed a clutch system that "gives" when there is opposing player-to-player force. The ultra-smooth rods are all chrome-plated, hollow-ground steel with 0.120" wall thickness and are coupled with nylon bushings for minimal friction. It's this sort of attention to detail that makes it a Blue Line… and makes Slapshot Bubble Hockey such a big hit.


Ultra-Smooth Chrome-Plated Rods
Precision-ground tubular rods with 0.120" wall thickness. Marriage of high-lubricity materials—nylon bushings and rods—result in exceptional play performance with minimal friction wear.

Gear Box Clutch System
The engineered clutch design that had been exclusive to coin operated hockey games, is available on the Blue Line™. This unique clutch prevents damage to hockey player or gearbox when opposing players are battling for the puck.

2:1 Turning Ratio on Gear Box
Delivers quick player response and lively play—360 degree player turn requires only 180 degree handle turn.

Steel Rod Supports in Feet of Men
Allows torque and pressure to be applied to the clutch.

Split Molded Base with Levelers
For easy installation through tight spaces.

Includes 4 leg levelers to assure level play surface-adjustable to 1".

3 Pucks
4mm Hex Wrench, 14mm Socket Wrench & 12mm Socket Wrench
2 Slapshot Side Graphic Labels
Warranty Statement & Registration Card
Assembly Instructions



  41" (104.1 cm)
  36" (91.4 cm)
  51ľ" (131.4 cm)
  4˝" (11.4 cm)
  230 lbs. (103.5 kg)