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ManCave Games 40" Rod Hockey Game Table

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The ManCave Games 40" table hockey game delivers fast paced head-to-head fun with family and friends. Hone your rod hockey skills and hand-eye coordination with great passing, slap shots and sprawling saves.  This attractive, well thought-out out table hockey game, is easy to assemble and light enough to move around your house. 

You will not find a better value on a 40" stand-alone rod or bubble hockey game anywhere in the world!

Great size for kids ages 5 to 15 with a playfield that is about 4" lower to the ground than a standard bubble hockey from Carrom or Shelti.

Advantages of rod hockey over dome hockey?

  • Players can get closer to the action and younger players can better see the playing surface as they learn to play table hcokey
  • Dome-less rod hockey has boards like real ice hockey and develops hand-eye coordination, passing skills and game strategy.  The domes on bubble hockey encourage rapid spinning of the rods, to blast the puck all around the dome with many lucky goals.
  • Domes are expensive and difficult to ship, adding hundreds of dollars in cost.  They tend to scratch easily which blurs vision and also make it more difficult to clean and maintain a bubble hockey game.
  • Table hockey eliminates the cause of “bubble hockey back”.  Overhead score units can obstruct vision of the ice surface on dome hockey, causing lower back pain brought on in taller players who need to hunch over while playing.


  • 2 pucks
  • Manual abacus 1-9 scoring for ease and reliability
  • 5/16 leg levelers to level the playing field on any surface
  • 12 ABS men with screw attachment for players
  • 19 mm plastic rods & POM gears
  • Designed for easy assembly with screwdriver
  • Step-by-step assembly manual with diagrams included
  • Typical assembly time is 30 to 60 minutes

Assembled Dimensions: 50" x 28" x 33" (with rods pushed in)

Assembled Dimensions: 74" x 28" x 33" (with rods pulled out)

Assembled Weight: 25 LBS

ManCave rod hockey games are rigorously packed for safe transport via UPS or Fedex.  Our assembly manuals include step-by-step guides and clearly labeled parts to insure you can complete set-up with just a screw driver in 30 to 60 minutes.

40" Rod Hockey Assembly Manual

Our staff has set-up, assembled and played every ManCave rod hockey game, so you can be confident that we can assist you with any issues that may arise.  Common replacement parts are in stock at our local warehouse & ship within 1-2 days should you ever need them.

Rod Hockey Game Parts

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