STIGA World Champs 23 Table Soccer (Football)

  • $129.95

All New 2023 edition with upgraded men, playfield, rods and gears.  Europe's most popular game made for North America gives you the feel of playing a real soccer match.  This award winning soccer game is great fun for the whole family.  Using STIGA's patented table game format, this table soccer (futbol) game allows you control your men and shoot the ball by using the 5 different players and 1 goalie.  Unlike foosball tables, you have greater control over the each player and the ball, which allows for more realistic passing and shooting.  

For two players. Comes stock with Black/White and Blue/White team packs, 2 balls, 2 goals, and 2 score keepers.  Spare parts and team packs  available from ManCave Games.

Game Size: 37"L x 20"W x 5"H

Minimal Assembly required

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