STIGA USA vs Sweden PlayOff 21 Rod Hockey Table - Forsberg Edition

  • $135.00
The #1 rated table hockey game in the world.  Over 5 million rod hockey games sold since 1948!  STIGA® Playoff 21 Hockey Forsberg edition, the official table hockey game of the table hockey World Championships.  60 years after Tumba Hockey we now release the next generation table hockey game with another legend – Peter Forsberg. With a series of improvements and modern design our classic Play Off takes a step into the 21st century, but the joy of playing remains the same. Bring the fun and excitement of a quick and thrilling hockey game to your home with our classic ice hockey game where you control the players and shoot the puck by using the rods. Fast and easy assembly. For two to four players.
  • Team USA vs Team Sweden
  • New in-mould goal counters
  • All New 25% thicker ice sheet
  • Goal deflectors and new goals.
  • New puck with inmould STIGA-logo.
  • Size L 37-inch; W 19-inch; H 5-inch
  • All parts are replaceable.
  • Minimal assembly required.

Use the new STIGA Hockey Timer app when playing your STIGA Hockey game and take your game to the next level. The timer gives you a solid 30 second countdown before the game begins and then keeps running for a standard 5 minute game. Once approaching the last 30 seconds of the game the music intensifies until the final horn ends the game. Still even? Activate Sudden Death until someone has claimed the win...

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